The Ten

The Ten

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The South American Option

Major change of plan! After failing to generate any interest from other bikers to share costs in China and Burma and failing to get a reply from the guy who can (allegedly) get you and your bike into China legally but without a guide; a change of plan (and blog title) has arisen. The more I think about it, the less I like the idea of paying money to be babysat through various countries en route to Thailand. It should be about the freedom of the ride; not the bureaucracy and red tape. So, South America beckons:

NO visas
NO carnet
NO babysitting by paranoid regimes

Already had a quote to get my bike in and out of South America: expensive and no doubt cheaper to buy a bike there and resell it at the end. But this is leg 2 of my RTW trip; so I have to do it on my beloved Tenere (she would never forgive me if I left her behind).

The very vague plan for now is to fly myself and the bike into Colombia or Ecuador in September and spend up to 3 months meandering south through  Peru, Bolivia and Chile to Santiago where I will return to the UK. Maybe add on a bit of Argentina if time permits. The weather looks good for this: Springtime most of the way, so avoiding extreme heat and cold (excepting the high bits). So, time to learn some Spanish.

Hola South America!

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