The Ten

The Ten

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Bogota to Buenos Aires by Bike

After some more research, it seems that the best, easiest places to freight to/from in South America are Bogota and Buenos Aires. So that is the new plan (and new blog title) "Bogota to Buenos Aires by Bike", if only for the alliteration. Now there are 6 countries on the itinerary:
I will have 3 months total to travel between these two cities on a route yet to be decided. There are lots of places I want to visit; it's just a case of finding the best, most scenic and interesting routes with which to link them up. I have been re-reading Dan Walsh for inspiration. Whatever happened to Dan Walsh? I have also been reading through my 2012 trip blog; not a very good attempt at blogging, but it brought back how great that trip was and how much I enjoy long distance biking. As Dan says " the road works......."

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