The Ten

The Ten

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Tibet, Tibet! Where is everybody? Anybody?

A rather belated update. It seems the options for the traverse of Burma are good; many bikers are keen to cross at around October next year. However, as yet, I've had no interest from anybody about crossing Tibet. No doubt due to the cost; but I think it is a relatively small price to pay in order to ride on the roof of the world. Hopefully some like minded souls will make themselves known soon.

In October 2014, I rented a Honda CB500X for a few days riding in northern Thailand (Chiang Mai, Pai, Nan and around). Good to get out on a bike in South East Asia again, would have preferred my own steed, but the Honda is a good bike; plenty power for the Thai road conditions (and my limited riding ability!). Tried out my new Drift Ghost helmet cam; very happy with it so far. Here is a piece of random footage from the trip. Don't bother with the volume, it's mostly just wind noise. I don't know why the quality of the film on Youtube is so poor; the original footage on my computer is crystal clear.

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