The Ten

The Ten

Friday, 28 February 2014

Basic route plan.

The above map shows the route I would like to do. What the final route will actually be is still open to question. The plan is set off around late August 2015 and take a total of about 3 months to complete the trip. The obvious problem areas with my planned route are:

Iran: criteria for entering Iran with your own vehicle are in a state of flux at the moment. I hear that a compulsory guide may be necessary for UK passport holders (among others). Coupled with the necessity of a carnet; dosen't make Iran straightforward. But, there is more than a year to go, so rules and regulations could change many times in the interim.

China: expensive compulsory guide and paperwork as before. Also, because of political problems with Tibet (and, increasingly, Xinjiang), even pre-approved routes can be withdrawn without notice. So, a plan B to detour to the KKH and Pakistan and then on to India, may be a good idea.

Burma: after recent successful crossing(s), Burma seems to be opening up to overlanders. Still early days, so very hard to predict the situation next year.

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