The Ten

The Ten

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Tedious bike prep information. Part #1

My Tenere 660 as used on the 2012 trip was pretty much standard, apart from:
#New Yacugar rear shock and progressive fork springs.
#Barkbusters hand/lever guards.
#Centre stand.
#Alu. bash plate and engine bars (Adventure-Spec).
#Radiator guard (Metal Mule)
In my opinion, the Ten is very well set up for overlanding "out of the box" (with the possible exception of the suspension). I was very happy with it on that trip, but I started tinkering, and once you start tinkering, it is hard to stop! So, I am a good way through a few modifications to the stock bike:

#Renthal 613 high bend bars. If Mongolia taught me anything, it was that standing on tricky off road sections is advisable. The stock bars were just a bit too low for a tall fella like me when standing. The 613s give an improved riding position when stood on the pegs. I could still do with a bit more height on the bars, but as I don't like bar risers; I may go for the lower (adjustable footpegs) at some stage.

#Kahedo high seat. The stock seat is crap; OK with an airhawk, but still crap on any long distance ride. So I shelled out for the Kahedo high seat (I am tall!). In all honesty, I wasn't convinced at first. But after several months with it, it has improved comfort considerably (just as well, as my airhawk has a puncture and I can't find the repair kit that came with it). The flat profile of the Kahedo allows you to shuffle around while riding and alleviate any pressure areas.

#Exan single exhaust. The stock set up is VERY heavy, and that was my main reason to switch to a single can. The improved exhaust note is a bonus! The only downside was that the popping/banging on deceleration was crazy loud. So that lead on to the next mod:

#AIS pipe blocking. Simple enough procedure in the end. I couldn't get to the clamp to remove the AIS pipe to plug it. But a recommendation (by the ever reliable Pleiades on to use a Hoffmann clamp to block the pipe worked a treat and now, no more popping!

#Kev Mod and O2 sensor eliminator. Two magic electronic boxes from Australia which are plugged in to the existing wiring to improve the fuelling and.....................something!? Whatever the technical explanation; they improve the responsiveness, fuel economy and overall "feel" of the ride. Very worthwhile investment for anybody who rides a Yamaha XT.

#12V power supply. Not really a mod, bit I drilled the fairing to make a more secure and tidy home for the 12V power supply. Its' previous position of being zip tied below the clocks wasn't ideal.

That is where the bike is up to now; but there are more mods to come. Probably.

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