The Ten

The Ten

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Buenos Aires.

Over the next few days, the weather became hot and sunny as I wandered around Buenos Aries. Now the riding had finished, it was back to playing tourist. So, I walked around town taking in the sights; the highlights of which were the cemetery of Argentina's great and good (surprisingly interesting) and the Japanese garden in the Palermo area. I rode on the, amazingly cheap for Buenos Aries, metro; sampled a few of the ubiquitous "Irish" pubs and generally relaxed.

It was time to arrange my and the bikes flights home. A last ride in Argentina to the airport for the bike crating and formalities. Although I was sent to the wrong place, wasting 2 hours in a fruitless wait for my contact at the airport. Once I eventually arrived where I was supposed to be; it all went smoothly enough and I returned to the city, bikeless. It feels weird being without my motorbike and at the mercy of public transport again.

On my last full day in South America; the rain returned. Apparently there are elections here next week; lots of noisy political rallies; tub-thumping and flag waving going on; never a good thing. So I think the time is right to leave South America behind and return to an English winter.

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