The Ten

The Ten

Friday, 13 November 2015

Across Argentina.

It all started so well........................ leaving Bariloche, the road was beautiful. Light traffic and great scenery, following a river and then past some of the bluest lakes I've ever seen. The road rose and fell as it wound its way east. I was having a good time.

Then, with a last look back at the Andes diminishing behind me, I dropped down on to the Pampas; the roads straightened and the gorgeous scenery was a thing of the past. I was riding through the flat lands, where there was no geography to necessitate putting bends in the road. For mile after tedious mile, the straight line continued; hours without a curve. These are roads that turn your mind to mush and your will to vapour. Roads that sap all the enjoyment out of motorcycling. On and on I rode and still the monotony continued. Stopping for the night in Neuquén and then Bahia Blanca with a thousand yard stare. Only halfway to Buenos Aires. Not many photos from these few days; just stare at a wall for a few hours and you'll get the idea.
For the next days run to Mar Del Plata (on the Atlantic coast), I plugged myself in to my (sometimes working, sometimes not........) iPod. What a transformation! The roads were the same, but my head was transformed. Amazing the difference a bit of good music can make. At least the weather had been good the whole way across the country.

Mar Del Plata; Argentina's premier beach resort. I had reached the Atlantic ocean. No time to dawdle though, as I was fixated on getting to Buenos Aires and leaving these tedious roads behind. Looking at the map, I always expected the run to BA to be dull. I just never anticipated it'd be quite this boring.

As I approached the capital; I could almost hear the road gods laughing as the rain started. The weather on this whole trip has been exceptional, just the odd shower the whole way. But I rolled into BA tired and wet, although I got to the centre more easily than I expected. I'd made it. Bogotá to Buenos Aires by bike. So, what do I do now?
The rain intensified in Buenos Aires as dusk fell. The national football stadium flooded and a much anticipated (though not by me) match between Argentina and Brazil had to be postponed. Maybe this is the road gods telling me its time to stop. Hopefully the sun will reappear tomorrow.

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