The Ten

The Ten

Monday, 7 September 2015

Inspections, Insurance and Itchy feet.

I got the call on Thursday that the bike was waiting for it's customs inspection; I rushed to the shipping agents office and then on to the Bonded warehouse where my bike was being held hostage. The customs official arrived and decided that it was, indeed, a motorbike, but would only be released the next day following a police inspection. So, back to central Bogotá for more sightseeing: the Gold museum and a demonstration outside the Ministry for Agriculture with heavily armed soldiers in attendance along with riot police in full Robocop gear ready for action. Fortunately, it all passed off peacefully.
The next day; after the police inspection had confirmed that it was, indeed, a motorbike, I was free to go. The shipping agent had helped me arrange some temporary bike insurance the previous day. Nothing to stop me heading out; except I hadn't really tested my luggage before I left and it took a long time to work out how to get it all strapped to the bike; still a work in progress. Carrying way too much stuff: not really heavy, but too bulky. I'm sure it will be pared down as the journey continues.
Rather than head back into the traffic chaos of downtown Bogota, I filled up with cheap petrol and wobbled out from the airport to join the main road to the South West. Finally on the move.


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