The Ten

The Ten

Friday, 3 July 2015

Tedious bike prep information. Part #2

#New Tyres: Heidenau K60 scouts. Very hard wearing and genuine 50/50 tyres which should last the trip. Even though I managed to split my rear Heidenau in Uzbekistan in 2012, I still think they are just about the best available tyres for this kind of trip.                

#Head Race Bearing: On a recent ride: the front end didn't feel right:; to the point that I turned round and went home because it just felt unsafe. My guess was wheel bearings. Wrong. The head race bearings were completely shot. A known problem on the Ten (insufficient grease from factory assembly). I had them checked before the 2012 trip. OK then, but 16,000 odd thousand miles later they need replacing. Who knew?

#Headlight protector: maybe a bit unnecessary; but it certainly makes the bike look more "adventure" (although not a term I like; its just going on holiday on a bike!)

#Chopped tail: mainly to reduce weight and to stop the number plate falling off (again!) as it is more securely attached to the new shorter tail section. Because of the exhaust pipe, the number plate is not in the centre and the rear indicators are asymmetrical and at an odd angle; but it just makes the bike more unique.

#Battery and Regulator/Rectifier LED warning thingy: I actually installed this before the 2012 trip as an early warning for a failing battery and /or regulator/rectifier. I carried a spare reg./rec. last time as some were reported as failing on the Ten. Although I did the fix on mine before I set off and it has been fine. But it is still good to now if the battery is losing charge before it leaves you stranded. Only cost a few quid and installation was so easy, even I could manage it.

#Metal Mule Radiator guard: again, actually installed before the last trip. Maybe useful, maybe not? Had no radiator problems, so probably done it's job.

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